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External Exposome


External Exposome. The umbrella term for all environmental physical and social exposures together 


Physical exposome main factors:

Indoor Environmental Quality

Mother smoking during pregnancy Child passive smoking Indoor environmental quality at home  /school/preschool (mould/dust/dampness/overall) view from a window, crowding 


Outdoor Environmental Quality

Air quality outdoor Residential /school/preschool  Sound/Noise quality outdoor Residential/school/preschool Outdoor restorative quality, housing practices.


Built Environment

Density (population, building, activities, distribution of functions) 

Amenity (sidewalks, bike paths, parks, libraries, playgrounds, sports facilities, health food /health care ); public transport

 Street integration and connectivity

 Walkability Playability  residency


Natural environment 

Access to green space(residential. Preschool, school, “en route”) (mother) Access to blue space (residential. Preschool, school, en route), playability , Safety related to the above, safety green and blue space Activities in green/blue space


Life style 

Sleep (duration, quality, rhythm), Smoking, Substance use Food: healthy food intake, breast feeding Light at night, 

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