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The main outputs of Equal-Life will be a set of questions and mechanisms, a description of the internal, external and social exposome relevant to the mental health of children, insight into the mental health effects of environmental factors, as a set of potential interventions, good practices, statistical methods and algorithms, and multimodal data on physical and social exposures for at least eight cities/countries.


These tools and guidance documents will be part of a public tool. Equal-Life supports the principle of open access to the published output of research as a fundamental part of its goals since that is an effective way to provide access to the results and awareness of the tools to be used for further research as well as planning purposes. 

There are many reasons to be involved in Equal-Life project...


You are interested in being engaged in interpreting the results of Equal-Life.


You would like to be part of workshops and panels.


You are interested to stay informed about the results of the project.


You may also want to provide input on our work at an early stage.


You are working at an organization that supports other stakeholder groups with advise, information or training.


You might want to use some of our products


At your work you identify problems problems related to children’s and adolescents' mental health and cognitive development, or to physical and social exposures affecting these outcomes for children.


Your expertise could potentially be used in optimizing our work in the Equal-Life project. You can provide us with examples of good practices.


As a stakeholder working at a policy level you are specifically interested in the application of results from the Equal-Life project into policies that improve or protect children’s mental health or cognitive development.


You want to keep a close look at our progress.


You are working on certain issues related to environmental and/or social exposures.

You would like to know if Equal-Life can provide you with information to support your work.

Could you characterizes your organisation as stakeholder in the domain of environment, social affairs, and children's mental health and cognitive development ?
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